Restructuring Tradition – Now through March 31st

Restructuring Tradition

Tradition, memory, and innovation meet this month at the Loading Dock Gallery exhibit, Restructuring Tradition. Laura Doran’s digitally manipulated photographs translate memory into image. Peter Zimmerman’s blown glass forms explore color, richness, and physical grace.

Vase by Peter Zimmerman

Vase by Peter Zimmerman

Both Doran and Zimmerman live in Lowell, with studios at Western Avenue Studios. Zimmerman sees his art as part of the revitalization in Lowell, made possible by its “strong and nurturing creative economy.” They cite the artistic community at Western Avenue Studios as a source of strength and inspiration. It has “such sharing and caring people,” says Doran. “My work would never have come this far without them.”

Tom Collins

“Tom Collins” by Laura Doran

Restructuring Tradition runs at the Loading Dock Gallery from February 27 through March 31, 2013. Join the artists for the opening reception, Saturday, March 2, from 5:00-7:00 pm. Regular gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 11:00am to 4:30pm. For more information, visit , email or call 978-656-1687.

Ongoing events for February

Extended Family

At The Loading Dock Gallery:

Extended Family, featuring portraits by painter Eleanor Sackett.  Now through February 24, 2013.  The gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11AM-4:30PM.

The Loading Dock Gallery Lecture Series

Nita Leger Casey: Expose Yourself! Social Media and the Artist
Sunday February 17 from 4-5PM

Nita Casey will share how she uses social media to promote
and inspire her artwork. She’ll describe the benefits of a
variety of social media—blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, You
Tube, and more—and suggest how to make the best use of

Nita Casey, a native of France, attended the famed Ecole des
Beaux Arts in Orleans and the Ecole de Dessin in Paris. Nita
has also lived in Italy, Germany and Panama before coming
to New England. For the last 28 years she has devoted her
life to painting and running her Gallery.