Websites for Artists: Why & DIY

Loading Dock Gallery Lecture Series

Loading Dock Gallery Lecture Series

Websites for Artists: Why & DIY
Karen Bettencourt & John Wren
May 19th at 4PM
The Loading Dock Gallery at Western Avenue Studios
Karen and John are teaming up to present Websites for Artists: Why & DIY. The presentation may be geared towards artists, but is applicable to anyone looking to hire someone to create and maintain a website or for those who want to create their own using free DIY sites.
This will be an information packed lecture/demonstration that we are hoping you will attend. Please share this newsletter with your friends, members, blogs and email lists. All are invited and welcome.

Karen Bettencourt
Why Artists need Websites
In the first of two lectures on websites for artists, Karen Bettencourt will explain the benefits of having a quality website and de-mystify the creation process and costs. From a marketing perspective an online presence has become imperative as media moves from away from traditional forms such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio to newer forms of direct marketing. A good website validates the artist and provides evidence of professionalism.
Karen Bettencourt is a collage and fiber artist who designs/maintains professional websites for many of the WAS artists and others.

John Wren
DYI – Web Design for the Starving Artist
In the second of the websites for artists series, John Wren’s proposition is “Create your own professional web page, just drag & drop.” He’ll review an online service that allows amateurs to create and host their own sites including e-commerce pages. Areas covered will include Photo Galleries, Slideshows, Audio, Video, Online Polling, Forms, and more.
John Wren is a photographer. For the past 13 years he has worked at UML giving workshops in technology and digital imaging to teachers. He also designs and maintains dozens of websites at the University.

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