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Learn the Art of Flameworked Glass With Aaron Slater

Using a torch and kiln you will learn to work molten glass into artful creations. Aaron has been teaching his version of this ancient technique for over 6 years and is happy to now be offering classes in this beautiful and safe teaching studio.

Whether you are trying this for the first timeor a veteran looking for new skills, we have aclass for you!


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Website: www.millcityglassworks.com

Glass Blowing

Aron Leaman has been working with glass since 2001. He has spent years traveling and honing his skills working with many glass artist from around the word. He currently resides in Lowell, Massachusetts where he opened a glass studio (Mill City Glass Works). He has taught at different schools around the county most recently Salem State University. His work is playful, colorful, and will make you smile. For him it is mostly playful because he is having fun during the process. Working with glass there is endless potential for improvement keeping it forever rewarding. When people see his work he likes to leave them pondering with a smile on their face how did he do that? Mill City Glass Works is a collaborative effort of two professional glass artists (Aron Leaman) (Peter Zimmerman) who came together to open a shop in Lowell, Massachusetts. The studio serves as a way to bring the experience of working with hot glass to those who are interested. We are offering a calm, respectful and creatively stimulating environment with a strong practice of the fundamentals in this very old and unique craft. Our shop is located on first floor of Western Avenue Studios, #125 feel free to stop by. If you are interested in a glass blowing Class, Workshop, or Experience please contact us and will be happy get back to you with availability. Private classes and lessons are also available.

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