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Minding Your Beeswax – A One Day Workshop In Encaustic Techniques

Encaustic medium is a combination of beeswax and damar resin. In this one day workshop, we will explore as many of the exciting ways to use this medium as time allows. You will get an overview on:

  • methods for applying pigment and wax on various substrates
  • incorporating an assortment of textiles, fibers and papers
  • trying your hand at photo transfers
  • enhancing your work with oil sticks, graphite paper, ink and pastels

You do not need experience for this fast paced class – just bring your enthusiasm and a brown bag lunch!

A class fee of $125 will cover instruction as well as the cost of all materials you need for the day. Next class dates are Saturday, February 11 from 10am until 4pm; Saturday February 18 from 10am until 4pm; Wednesday February 22 from 10am until 4pm.

You are welcome to bring any photographic images, papers, or textiles you might like to use in addition to those provided.

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Website: nikkigiraffo.com
Website: Refuge Lowell
Drawing, Painting, Watercolor and Mixed Media

Nikki is a practicing artist and the co-founder/instructor of Refuge Lowell, a portfolio development studio space for students between the ages of 10-20 located at Western Ave. We assist young artists who seek serious portfolio development, playful artistic self-expression, and everything in between. With a strong emphasis on positive community outreach and the development of critical thinking skills, each student is offered a personalized approach to art-making, regardless of experience. Check out our website to see the work of our young art-stars!

My teaching philosophy as an art educator is to cultivate a safe environment where my students feel free learn what it means to critically examine their world and how to strengthen their technical skills for more effective visual communication.

Nikki Giraffo received a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Alfred University, NY in 2007 and a Masters in the Arts of Teaching from Tufts University, MA in 2010. As a practicing artist Nikki specializes in large-scale mural work, painting, and collage. Her technical approach is based in experimentation with unconventional materials and alternative collage processes.


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