Email: roneldlores@gmail.com
Phone: 617-407-9794

Sculpture and Ceramics Classes: Hand Building Techniques for Portrait, Figurative, and Functional Art. Also Classes in Clay Jewelry, Drawing and Painting

Roneld Lores is a classically trained sculptor and painter with a loose and dynamic style that is strongly rooted in realism. He holds a BFA from Florida International University and comes from a family of metal smiths and sculptors. An active part of the artist community for more than 20 years his work has been exhibited and is in private collections throughout the Americas and Europe. He specializes in teaching sculpture, ceramics, drawing, and painting to individuals and small groups. Students can expect a relaxed and individualized experience where they will be guided and challenged according to their level of development and personal goals. Ceramics and Sculpture will cover hand building techniques designed to focus on your area of interest including: portrait, figurative, and functional art as well as jewelry. Lessons focusing on traditional drawing and painting techniques can be taken alone or integrated for a comprehensive experience. Your first class is free and includes a personal assessment and discussion of your creative goals.

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