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Watercolorist Jean Curley paints primarily landscapes and florals, with some of her work being intensely realistic, and others quite delicate. She has a deeply instilled appreciation for nature, and likes to capture the beauty of nature, the drama of light, the intensity of colors, or perhaps just something unusual. Her work is on display and available for sale at her studio, at the Loading Dock Gallery at Western Avenue Studios, and at Art on Main, a fine art gallery at 40 Main Street, Westford, MA. Jean teaches introductory through advanced watercolor classes, and also offers a try-it class for those interested in a quick exploration of the watercolor medium before purchasing all of the supplies. She emphasizes a minimal palette approach and encourages her students to truly enjoy their creative exploration of watercolors.



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A graduate of Mass College of Art who is a painter of realistic watercolor landscapes along the east coast, Italy, France, Greece, and Lowell cityscapes. Don loves working with color and changing light conditions, and the challenge of working plein-air. He has taught art in the public and private sectors for over 40 years. His work is in many private and corporate collections.


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Graphite, Charcoal, Acrylic, Watercolor

As an art educator my goal is to cultivate a safe environment where my students learn what it means to critically examine their world, and where the technical skills to communicate visually are learned and strengthened. With these skills students will have the means to empower themselves through the expression of their identity in meaningful ways. Nikki Giraffo received a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Alfred University, NY in 2007 and a Masters in the Arts of Teaching from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Affiliation with Tufts University, MA in 2010. She has taught a wide variety of age groups. Most recently, Nikki worked as an Art Instructor at Central Catholic High School in Lawrence where she taught Advanced Placement Studio Art, Drawing and Painting. Currently, Nikki teaches visual arts within the Alternative Schools of Lowell.


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Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Scratchboard, Graphite

A graduate of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts School of Art and Design, Valerie has pursued watercolor painting with a love for the movement and fluidity of the paint as it mixes with the water and flows over the paper. She has taught in many settings and enjoys the excitement her students receive as they accomplish the results they are trying to achieve. She believes drawing is the basic foundation of all art work and as long as a person can write their name they have already learned the basic elements of drawing. Val teaches drawing and watercolor. Drawing class will include working in pencil, colored pencil, conte’ crayon, charcoal, pen and ink using stippling, scratchboard techniques and learning contour drawing, shading, perspective, composition and much more. Watercolor class will include, washes, dry brush, glazing, and more. No one is too young or too old to learn to create beautiful art. If you desire to do it, you can.

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