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a sculptural ring
artist's hands at work
a sculptural ring

“Your own creativity has no limit.”

Building Boldness

Tara Originals is the design studio of Tara Santoro, a metalsmith jewelry designer here at Western Avenue Studios.

Tara: My love and passion for fashion and jewelry design began at an early age growing up in the boroughs of NYC. My mother and grandmother were big fashion influences on me, always sporting unique looks of the latest trends and I had so much fun playing dress up with grandma’s costume jewelry. Then the 1980’s happened, a decade where everything was BIG: big hair, big fashion, big accessories.

All of this influenced me as I started my path of artistic creation, expressing my own individuality and unique fashion sense. I would rummage through my dad’s garage and design big chunky, industrial looking rings out of found hardware objects.

My design interests soon changed to glass beadwork, creating one of a kind sculptural necklaces. At the suggestion of my best friend, we took a metal jewelry design class together at the Museum School in Boston. I was instantly fascinated by the process, quickly realized the design possibilities of metalwork as being endless and I haven’t stopped since.

Sculpture in Silver

Tara’s jewelry designs are entirely hand fabricated in sterling silver using a fresh design process that yields extraordinary pieces.

Tara: My design aesthetic evolved into the avant-garde wearable sculptures you see here today. Much inspiration for my work comes from my love of contemporary, minimal modern design and architecture. Strong graphic lines, geometric shapes, symmetry and contrasting textures are elements seen throughout my work and define its unique style.

The big rings are a favorite of mine to create. They are as fun to wear as they are to make! The design and build process of the rings is often challenging, having to think several steps ahead for the construct of each one. It’s like being both the architect AND the builder, drawing up the plans and then building it out in phases to the final finished piece.

I love creating one-of-a-kind wearable sculptures for those who are not afraid of making their own bold fashion statement.

Visit Tara Originals

Tara Originals is located at Western Avenue Studios #574. Visit Tara during our monthly First Saturday Open Studios and see how her wearable art jewelry designs are made. To see more of Tara Originals work, visit her website at

a sculptural pendant
Tara Santoro in her studio
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