Painting with Heart. Western Avenue Studio: A409

Painter and Art Educator

Debra Bretton Robinson has been a part of the Western Avenue community for more than 10 years. This mother of three graduated from Mass College of Art with a degree in Painting and Art Education in 1991. Since then, she has been sharing her love for art with young people as a K-8 educator. She is currently serving as a special education paraprofessional in Georgetown, MA. Deb began painting at the age of four, and to this day she can clearly remember the moment she learned what an easel was in nursery school. Having the opportunity to paint standing up using an easel was a formative moment for this Plaistow, NH native.

Bright, Playful, and Graphic

Deb’s colorful compositions capture various moments of her life in New England on canvas in a bold and graphic way.  Her preferred medium is acrylic paint, but she originally started out using watercolor.  When painting in her studio, she enjoys listening to jazz and blues.  During the warmer months in New England, she leaves her studio behind and joins her husband on their 1974 Glastron boat with paints and canvas in hand.  While her husband is fishing, she paints en plein air, portraying scenes from local sites such as: Lake Massapog, Long Sought Pond, Merrimack River, Nashua River, and Gloucester.  In addition to her On the Boat series, she has renderings of local birds, architecture, and landscapes.  Her latest work includes a flower series.

Deb’s Advice to Young Artists

“Don’t stop painting or creating. Keep going! Ignore anyone telling you differently, even yourself.”

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