Western Avenue

The repurposing of mill buildings and the creation of a community

Located on the Pawtucket Canal, Western Avenue is a five-building complex encompassing 265,000 square feet of converted mill space where industrial fabrics were once manufactured. The buildings are now completely renovated to spaces that celebrate art and the art of the hand made.

Our mission was to infuse the entire site with a new life as a place that supports the endeavors of those who toil with their hands as the mill workers once did. Now the hands, hearts and minds of our artists create beautiful objects for you to gaze upon, wear, listen to, read, imbibe, and share.

With all the buildings converted over to creative space, our mission now is to keep Western Avenue as a permanently affordable home for artists.

Creative spaces thrive when the regional communities they are part of understand the value of the arts in terms of place making, and the value of creative spaces and artists as their energy flows outward into the lives of the community. This is a part of our goal as well and we hope you join us attaining it.

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Our community of artists is helping continue Lowell’s artistic legacy by creating, showcasing their work, and teaching their craft at Western Avenue. Click the button below to browse our amazing artists.

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Lowell, MA

Our City. Our Home.

Lowell is known primarily for its pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution, yet the city has also been home to creatives and artists, such as James Whistler, Jack Kerouac, and Sarah Whitman.  And Bette Davis.

Today, Lowell’s fusion of history and creativity continues to draw, support, and become home to hundreds of aspired artists. New galleries and cultural hubs are opening every year, making Lowell one of the most hospitable cities for artists in New England.

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