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Many of our artists blend their passion with entrepreneurship and run their own creative businesses. You’ll find unique way to see how creativity can fuel a great idea.

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The Studios cover five floors, but please note that the first floor is not accessible by the elevator – use the stairwells for first floor access. At this time the Lofts are not open to the public except for select events. We encourage you to view the loft artist profiles and make a private appointment to see their work.

Only artists who have a profile on our website are listed on the tour but there may be others so please explore!

  • Studios: First Floor

    The first floor is home to Navigation Brewing which is open Thursday – Sunday.
    Studio: 107

    Studio Name: Elephant Memories

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    JoBeMac Studios is dedicated to providing you the very best original custom engraving and woodworking items, with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and custom designs.Post Covid-19 We will be offering classes in different mediums including but not limited too; epoxy resin ocean pours, epoxy resin river tables, fairy house making, resin stain glass designs, 3D wood ornaments

    Studio: 167

    Artist: Henry Marte
    Studio Name: Marte Media

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    Everyone loves a good story. Imagery is the most impactful and memorable when it tells a story. A multi-time published photographer, a commercial filmmaker whose work has aired on cable TV. Telling stories through captivating imagery, using photos and videos as tools. With works ranging from artistic, to personal and commercial work. By your side every step of the way, from brainstorming to finished product.

    Not your average photographer or filmmaker. Professional, fun, creative direction, friendly atmosphere, with a habit of thinking outside the box, and an eye for the perfect shot. Let me tell your story at Marte Media​

    Studio: 173

    Artist: Bob Gouveia
    Studio Name: Wretched Hive Creations

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    Just a group of creative artists that are experts at designing, creating, and constructing custom silicone and latex masks and prosthetics for any and every occasion. Whether used on set, on stage, for haunted attractions, cosplay, or just to scare the living crap out of people on Halloween, we’ll deliver an incredible custom piece that’s all you.

    Studio: 195

    Artist: Bernard Aguiar
    Studio Name: Mill City Mercantile

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    MILL CITY MERCANTILE is a maker of home fragrance including candles, reed diffusers, and room and linen sprays. Our goods are small-batch made and hand-poured in our Lowell, Massachusetts workshop using all natural, non-toxic ingredients and materials.

  • Studios: Second Floor

    The second floor also is home to Nibbana Cafe which is open Thursday – Sunday, the Loading Dock Gallery which is open Wednesday – Sunday, as well as Refuge Lowell – an after school arts program for teenagers.
    Studio: 205

    Studio Name: Tiferet Gallery

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    Our dream was always to make our art more widely accessible to the public, and affordable, and a big part of that was to repurpose it into forms that had a place in people’s homes and daily life. Useable art. The prints, giclée, mugs, pillows, and everything else we offer are all based on our artwork, offering affordable home décor and unique gift ideas drawn from original art.

  • Studios: Third Floor

    Studio: 318

    Artist: Todd Davis
    Studio Name: Middlesex Bindery

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    Middlesex Bindery is a full service bindery located in Lowell, Massachusetts.

    Studio: 324

    Artist:  Mary Dumas
    Studio Name: Studio Book Works / Pop Culture Place

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    Pop Culture Place is open every Weekend for collectibles in anime, comics, manga, gaming and all things that makeup our popular culture.  But all of this is really just a prelude to our real purpose.  We want to create comics and graphic novels, and we want to build a community of artists, writers, letterers, colorists, and producers.  So we host the Studio Book Works weekly to get interested creators involved.

  • Studios: Fourth Floor

    Studio: 414

    Artist: Pompei Stained & Fused Glass
    Studio Name: Pompei Stained & Fused Glass

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    The Pompei Stained & Fused Glass studio was founded by Joseph Pompei & Ivy Pompei in 1979. As committed artisans, their pursuit of excellence, and unique approach to incorporating the prismatic quality of glass texture into their windows are what sets the Pompei studio from other glass studios.

    Studio: 455

    Artist: Kathryn Pinard
    Studio Name: Wicked Orchid Artistry

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    Painting, mixed media, therapeutic grade luxury soaps & other wicked creations.

  • Studios: Fifth Floor

    Studio: 576

    Artist: Tim Palin
    Studio Name: Tim Palin Creative

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    I have three dogs and a husband . . . and will walk hot coals for chicken wings.

    (mmm…chicken wings)

    I was born a small baby in Salem, Massachusetts. I’m not a witch.

    I promise.

    But it’s true. I grew up in Peabody a few minutes down the road from the witch gallows. To avoid public shaming, don’t pronounce it “Pea-Body,” but rather PEEbuhdee.

    I was a creative little tyke, drawing monsters and dinosaurs and monkeys…lots and lots of monkeys. I drew sad self-portraits that I would slip under the door to the outside world when I was sent to my room. (They had to know how sad I was, right?) From elementary school all the way up through college, I took as many art classes as I could find . I wasn’t a math whiz. And I certainly wasn’t taking the science world by storm. But, hand me a ball of clay, or a sketchpad, or egg cartons and Popsicle sticks and suddenly I could create the world that was inside my head. I loved it all. I loved making stuff.

  • Lofts

    The Lofts are only open to the public during First Saturday or other special events as posted.
    Loft: 121

    Artist: Antoinette Indge
    Studio Name: Small Glories

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    Each small glories terrarium is a self-contained, green world of plants, ferns and mosses. The stable humidity creates a perfect miniature ecosystem for many of the plants people struggle to grow as houseplants in dry indoor air. Terrariums are very low maintenance and are self-sustaining, needing very little care beyond an occasional misting with water. If you have a “black thumb” and usually find houseplants difficult to keep alive, this is an easy way to have beautiful plants in your home.

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