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The Studios cover five floors, but please note that the first floor is not accessible by the elevator. Please use the stairwells for first floor access. At this time the Lofts are not open to the public – we encourage you to view the loft artist profiles and make a private appointment to see their work. Only artists who have a profile on our website are listed on the tour.

  • Studios: First Floor

    The first floor is home to Navigation Brewing which is open Thursday – Sunday.
    Studio: 107

    Artist: Dayle E Sullivan-Taylor
    Studio Name: Elephant Memories by JoBeMac Studios

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    Welcome to Elephant Memories by JoBeMac Studios. We are dedicated to providing you the very best original custom engraving and woodworking items, with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and custom designs.

    Founded in 2015 by Jeff and Dayle Taylor, Elephant Memories by JoBeMac Studios has come a long way from its beginnings in our little home workshop. When they first started out, their passion for fine handcrafted woodworking and original designing drove them to start their own business. Now well established as professional woodworkers and laser engravers located at Western Ave Studios in the heart of the old mill city, Lowell MA.

    Classes Offered:
    Post Covid-19 We will be offering classes in different mediums including but not limited too; epoxy resin ocean pours, epoxy resin river tables, fairy house making, resin stain glass designs, 3D wood ornaments

  • Studios: Second Floor

    The second floor also is home to Nibbana Cafe which is open Thursday – Sunday, the Loading Dock Gallery which is open Wednesday – Sunday, as well as Refuge Lowell – an after school arts program for teenagers.
  • Studios: Third Floor

    Studio: 318

    Artist: Todd Davis
    Studio Name: Middlesex Bindery

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    Middlesex Bindery is a full-service bindery located in Lowell, Massachusetts.

    Our services include: bookbinding, book repair, paper repair, photo albums,, portfolios, blank and custom journals, protective and decorative boxes, thesis binding , ledgers and menu covers.

    Studio: 351

    Artist: Barbara Fletcher
    Studio Name: Paper Dimensions

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    Ever- evolving, I arrived at mixed media art. Recently focusing on 2D paper works I revel in the details by utilizing simple non-printing press techniques, digital art, painting and cut paper to bring my 2D art to life.

    Studio: 376

    Artist: Opal Goff
    Studio Name: Opal Goff

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    Artist, art quilter, collage maker, print maker.

  • Studios: Fourth Floor

    Studio: 459

    Artist: Amy Aker
    Studio Name: Amy Aker Art

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    I retired in 2019 and now spend most of my time at Western Ave Studio (459) in Lowell. It had always been my plan to focus more seriously as an artist in retirement. Printmaking, painting, making a mask, cutting a shape, creating a splash or spill – for me it’s all a wonderful discovery!

    I’m happily involved in the lifelong process of finding my artistic voice. My work is diverse and experimental and it’s what keeps me engaged in the world and connected to a wonderful group of artists who I’ve been lucky enough to learn from and without whom I’d be lost.

  • Studios: Fifth Floor

    Studio: 537

    Artist: Rachel Covel
    Studio Name: Moon Signs Calligraphy

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    After providing signage for various weddings, showers, and holiday events, she was encouraged by friends and family to pursue her creativity and make it a more consistent presence in her life. Moon Signs is a way for Rachel to make sure she keeps her promise to herself to keep creating.

  • Lofts

    The Lofts are only open to the public during First Saturday or other special events as posted.
    Studio: 118

    Artist: Maxine Farkas

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    A fascination with maps, geography and planning comes through in Maxine’s mixed media work.

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