Join us October 5th and 6th as the artists open their doors to share their creative passions with you. It’s a fun day to chat it up and discover the life of an artist or craftsperson. How they came to their medium, what training they have had, how it has influenced their lives. In return – you’ll have an incredibly soul nourishing day.

Angela Alés Illuminates the Subconscious and Humanizes Immigrants  Studio A413 and Loft 216 Artist and educator Angela Alés speaks about themes of immigration in her series, her teaching practice, and

A lover of history and old crusty books, Todd became interested in how books work during the many hours he spent among the stacks while pursuing his undergraduate degree in history at the University of Massachusetts Boston. 

Western Avenue artist Michael Gruber enjoys distorting architectural compositions. This father of two received his architectural degree from Iowa State. Born and raised in Lowell, he enjoys painting local scenes and iconic buildings that evoke nostalgia.

Western Avenue artist Debra Bretton Robinson graduated from Mass College of Art with a degree in Painting and Art Education in 1991. Deb began painting at the age of four, and to this day she can clearly remember the moment she learned what an easel was in nursery school. Having the opportunity to paint standing up using an easel was a formative moment for this Plaistow, NH native.

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