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Photographers at Western Avenue run the gamet from fine art, analog, portraits for business or family, commercial, wedding, and events. Many also provide video/multimedia work as well.

Western Avenue also has a darkroom on site with affordable membership rates.

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The Studios cover five floors, but please note that the first floor is not accessible by the elevator – use the stairwells for first floor access. At this time the Lofts are not open to the public except for special events.  We encourage you to view the loft artist profiles and make a private appointment to see their work. Only artists who have a profile on our website are listed on the tour – but there are more so please explore!

  • Studios: First Floor

    The first floor is home to Navigation Brewing which is open Thursday – Sunday.
    Studio: 167

    Artist: Henry Marte
    Studio Name: Marte Media

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    Everyone loves a good story. Imagery is the most impactful and memorable when it tells a story. Henry Marte is multi-time published photographer, a commercial filmmaker whose work has aired on cable TV. Henry loves telling stories through captivating imagery, using photos and videos as tools. His work ranges from artistic, to personal and commercial work.

  • Studios: Second Floor

    The second floor is home to Nibbana Cafe which is open Thursday – Sunday, the Loading Dock Gallery which is open Wednesday – Sunday, as well as Refuge Lowell – an after school arts program for teenagers.
    Studio: 207

    Artist: Wendy James

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    Besides being a painter and ceramic artist, Wendy extends her work into photography. The black and white photomontages depict our almost plausible world with a twist, using skewed perspective, altered proportions, and surreal transitions. The surreal images intend to transport the viewer to inner dream worlds or memories.

    Studio: 269

    Artist: Tara Santoro
    Studio Name: Tara Originals Photography

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    My images are inspired by the design & shapes of modern architecture, capturing the patterns, lines and minimal abstract details of buildings and facades that I find throughout my travels.

    Studio: 297

    Artist: Meghan Moore
    Studio Name: Megpix Photography

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    I’m Meg Moore, and I’m a collaborative people photographer. I love finding ways to help people feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, and I love telling stories with pictures.

  • Studios: Third Floor

    Studio: 377

    Artist: Jack Holmes
    Studio Name: Image from Near and Far

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    I am a traveling photographer.  My travels take me all over the world, looking for images that resonate.  Some of them are for wall art and others are for digital photologs about places and people. I offer a range of photo services; posters and framed fine art travel pieces, personalized printing and matting of your images, scanning of your negatives and slides, and existing light event photography.

    Studio: 387

    Artist: Lakana Uong
    Studio Name: Wandering Hearts Studio 

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    Natural light photographer, studio based in Lowell, MA. I specialize in Lifestyle love stories, maternity, newborn and family sessions.

    Studio: 348

    Artist: Benjamin Rose

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    Freelance photographer with a background in theatre and music. Specializing in actor and corporate headshots, portraits, performance photography, weddings, lifestyle, and events.

  • Studios: Fourth Floor

    Studio: 417

    Artist: Ed Medina
    Studio Name: Ed Medina Photos and Video

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    Ed Medina is a photographer and award-winning journalist, now focusing on architectural photography and videography. He is available for booking for residential and commercial real estate shoots, as well as portraits.

    Studio: 427

    Artist: Bill Davison

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    My personal images span several genres but I particularly respect magical realism, the human figure, and portraiture. Regardless of genre, I always embrace ambiguity. And the viewer must be an active participant in the process.

    Studio: 442

    Artist: Nancy Dion
    Studio Name: Nancy Dion Photography

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    It is my goal, as a photographer and an artist, to capture the true essence of what I see through my viewfinder, whether it is the love between a couple, the bond of a happy family, or the charm of a small New England town. I want my work to tell a story, to evoke an emotion, or to get people to stop and think.

    Studio: 451

    Artist: Tyson Smith
    Studio Name: STS Photography 

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    Tyson Smith is a Boston area photographer whose work focuses on portraiture. Tyson attended the New England School of Photography and received a degree with a specialization in Editorial Photography and a minor in advertising. Tyson’s work has been featured in numerous  publications and media.

    Studio: 469

    Artist: Hope Greene
    Studio Name: Hope Greene Photographs

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    Hope Greene is an artist working in both antique and modern photographic processes, using photographic images to explore landscape, myth, and the mind. Greene studied photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois and at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, earning a BFA in 2001. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is in private collections in the US and UK.

  • Studios: Fifth Floor

    Studio: 508

    Artist: Mark Elson
    Studio Name: Mark Elson Pictures

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    In addition to digital and film-based photography, Mark also works in the wet plate
    collodion process, which is making tintypes and glass plate negatives, the way photographs were made during the Civil War. This demanding and beautiful process, with its rich tones, great detail and timeless look, is suitable for fine art, portraiture, editorial, advertising, and commercial photography projects.

    Studio: 520

    Artist: Jessica Jarva
    Studio Name: Jarvaland

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    Jarvaland is a mixed media multi part life installation in interrelated media ; paintings drawings sculpture collage music video objects fashion poetry youtube ! Interactive & multitiered.

    Studio: 522

    Artist: Richard Bramante
    Studio Name: Images by Richard Bramante

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    Photography is the coming together of light, place and subject within an instant of time which will never be repeated again. My love of photography Is its ability to seize the moment and make it last more than the fleeting instant it truly was. The moment has passed but the memory and image remain to revisit whenever needed.

    Studio: 526

    Artist Name: Kim-Sarah I

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    Kim-Sarah I (she/her/hers) is a Khmer-American visual artist based in Lowell, MA. She creates a visual language—utilizing photography—to explore themes of closeness, community, family, and Khmer-American experience and identity. Kim-Sarah currently enjoys documenting joy and indirect intimacies between people.

    Studio: 578

    Artist: Karina Mackey
    Studio Name: Karina B Photography 

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    Karina is a fine art photographer from the area of Lowell, Massachusetts. She has her own studio at Western Avenue Studios & Lofts where she uses the space to develop film, print in the darkroom, and showcase her work. You can find her at studio #459.

    Studio: 574

    Artist: Scot Langdon
    Studio Name: Longhill Photography

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    Long Hill Photography specializes in photographing individuals, special family events, company projects, real estate interiors, non-profit organizations, and publications that choose to communicate lifestyle and workstyle.  Scot’s passion is capturing the personal and the work lives of his subjects through environmental portraits in their natural surroundings.

  • Lofts

    The Lofts are only open to the public during First Saturday or other special events as posted.
    Loft: 101

    Artist: Garry Harley
    Studio Name: Garry Harley STUDIOS

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    My work involves digital paintings on canvas and metal, fine art prints on paper, photographs, and 3-d pieces.  Content includes Social Commentary, architectural photography, and abstract images suitable for hanging in residential or commercial spaces.

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