Welcome to the Sculpture, Woodworking and 3D Walking Tour.

Here you’ll find three dimensional explorations in mixed media to sculpture in clay, plaster, glass and wood – you’ll find an array of objects from small to large. The fifth floor is home to our Sculpture and 3D Mini Gallery – located outside Studio 597 and the freight elevator.

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The Studios cover five floors, but please note that the first floor is not accessible by the elevator – use the stairwells for first floor access. At this time the Lofts are not open to the public except for specific events. We encourage you to view the loft artist profiles and make a private appointment to see their work. Only artists who have a profile on our website are listed on the tour – but there are many more so go and explore!

  • Studios: First Floor

    The first floor is home to Woodworkers Row. In addition, on the first floor is Navigation Brewing which is open Thursday – Sunday.
    Studio: 107

    Artist: Dayle Sillivan-Taylor and Jeff Taylor
    Studio Name: JoBeMac Studios

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    Elephant Memories by JoBeMac Studios is dedicated to providing you the very best original custom engraving and woodworking items, with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and custom designs.

    Studio: 113

    Artist: Eric White
    Studio Name: Spalt Studio

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    Spalt Studio is a wood turning and carving studio making bowls and vessels.

    Studio: 129

    Artist: Carol Hartman Studio

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    Direct carving of stone.

    Studio: 173

    Artist: Bob Gouveia
    Studio Name: Wretched Hive Creations

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    No scum or villainy here. Just a group of creative artists that are experts at designing, creating, and constructing custom silicone and latex masks and prosthetics for any and every occasion.

    Studio: 197

    Artist: Samantha Foster

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    I like making interesting, somewhat quirky functional wares from a lump of clay.

  • Studios: Second Floor

    The second floor also is home to Nibbana Cafe which is open Thursday – Sunday, the Loading Dock Gallery which is open Wednesday – Sunday, as well as Refuge Lowell – an after school arts program for teenagers.
    Studio: 207

    Artist: John Brickels

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    I sculpt architecturally themed sculptures that show the effects of time, weather and entropy. I also create absurd factory machinery and fictional automobile mechanicals.

    Studio: 298

    Artist: Yary Livan

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    Yary is a Cambodian ceramic artist and sculptor who fires in traditional wood burning kilns. He is one of the only master ceramicists still at work after surviving the Khmer Rouge genocide in his homeland, and the only one known to be living in the United States.

  • Studios: Third Floor

    Studio: 342

    Artist: Deb Banerjee
    Studio Name: Deb Banerjee Studio

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    I use painting, collage and installations to explore the culture of science, medicine and the body. My work often involves viewing devices, perspective, viewpoints and shifts in perception. I use mirrors, lens and anamorphs to create a double entendre of looking.

    Studio: 351

    Artist: Barbara Fletcher
    Studio Name: Barbara Fletcher Artist

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    My sculpture utilizes multiple techniques with different materials such as air dried clay, paper collage , wire, foam and cement. Some sculpture can be exhibited outdoors for temporary installation. My paper collages use mono printing techniques along with torn paper. Environmental themes are often used in my artwork.

  • Studios: Fourth Floor

    Studio: 401

    Artist: Roneld Lores
    Studio Name: Lores Studio

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    Mr. Lores studied Fine Arts at New World School of the Arts and Florida International University, where he received a BFA in 1994 with a major in Ceramics & Sculpture. One of Mr. Lores areas of concentration is the female figure. Strongly rooted in a classical foundation, his sculpture’s and paintings, abstract and fragment the female figure to conform to his own aesthetics.

    Studio: 417

    Artist: Juliann Rubijono
    Studio Name: MamaCasts

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    Documenting life’s moments of transformation and relationships with bespoke portraits set in plaster.

    Studio: 437

    Artist: May DeViney

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    My media is varied, including sculpture, paintings, mixed media, installations and art furniture.  My work often includes found objects and recycled items.

    Studio: 490

    Artist: Bruce Wood
    Studio Name: The Glass Ingot

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    I enjoy the convergence of similar and unrelated images into a juxtaposed end product. I try to evoke multiple thoughts and emotions in the viewer as the nuances in the work are discovered.

  • Studios: Fifth Floor

    Studio: 500

    Artist: Heidi Jackson
    Studio Name: Heidi Jackson Fine Art

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    Fascinated with many art forms, harvesting new concepts; combining drawing, painting and sculpture. She is in love with the secrets within the paint, paper, graphite, wood, stone, clay, iron, and bronze; all sharing possibilities residing within her pencil, brush, chisel, file, fire, hammer, hands and imagination.

    Studio: 586

    Artist: Sam Kim and Leena Cho
    Studio Name: Slow Hands Studio

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    We carefully craft a mix of functional, sculptural and artistic objects with ceramics, paintings and more. We’re navigating the creative world together, one slow creation at a time.

    Studio: 597

    Artist: Jay Hungate
    Studio Name: Hungate Sculpture and Design

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    As a sculptor, I enjoy working in a wide variety of materials. I create my original and affordable gargoyles and related statuary in plaster and cement, for home and garden. I also carve stone, mostly marble, but also granite, for homes and public settings. Occasionally, I’ll create site-specific, public sculpture for both temporary and permanent display.

  • Lofts

    The Lofts are only open to the public during First Saturday or other special events as posted.
    Loft: 111

    Artist: Emily Sandagata
    Studio Name: Emily Sandagata Art

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    Emily Sandagata’s mixed-media work blurs the boundaries between painting, sculpture and textile art, incorporating found objects, natural materials, and earth-based pigments. Her densely layered paintings and sculptures investigate reoccurring themes of survival, growth, death, transformation and redemption.

    Studio: 220

    Artist: Niko Skourtis
    Studio Name: Niko Co.

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    Niko Co. is a design and studio based in Lowell, MA and found Niko Skourtis is a painter and a sculptor.

    Niko holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from California College of the Arts (CCA) and continues to enrich his creative practice at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

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