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Portfolio Development – Concept & Personal Voice

Refuge Lowell 122 Western Ave. Studio #A110, Lowell

Portfolio Development is for students who are serious about making art and those who plan to build visual portfolios for private school admission or college level admission. Serious students of any age can build a portfolio, as it is a body of work that shows an understanding of drawing, painting, composition, and concept. Students will be encouraged to explore new techniques, strengthen their understanding of mediums, and develop conceptual work that is meaningful to them.


Daydream at Loading Dock Gallery

Loading Dock Gallery 122 Western Avenue, Lowell

Elena Gorodensky and Margarita Krylova invite us to DAYDREAM this May at Loading Dock Gallery. DAYDREAM offers paths to understanding through friendship and imagination.

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Lowell, There’s A Lot To Like – Mini Gallery Show

3rd Floor Mini Gallery 122 Western Avenue, Lowell

A collaborative photography exhibit focusing on the city we call home, Lowell. Featuring works from photographers that live or work at Western Avenue Studios & Lofts. Using their cameras, they