Event Series A Geography Of Change

A Geography Of Change

First Floor WA

Introducing the Lowell Photo Archive, From Tools to Twilight, and Erosive Tension. Curator: Maxine Farkas Participating Artists: Maxine Farkas, John Boutselis, Jeff Caplan, Jack Holmes, Wendy James, Henry Marte, Jen Myers, Sergio Velazquez, and Roneld Lores. Covid-19 Guidelines: – Face coverings/masks are not required but recommended since some studios and businesses may require them for


Event Series Black & White at the Loading Dock Gallery

Black & White at the Loading Dock Gallery

Loading Dock Gallery 122 Western Avenue, Lowell, MA, United States

At Loading Dock Gallery, Sandrine Colson and Jean Wallace present Black & White. Black and white are culturally powerful signifiers. Black and white thinking reduces the world to binary choices. Black & White explores perception: opposites and the nuances in between. Colson sees herself as a storyteller. She works abstractly, using bold marks and intricate shapes, often referencing